Friday, August 18, 2017

Cabin Time

Debbie and Bil came up to the lake for a night last weekend, and we had fun! We grilled some chicken and steak, played a game of Phase 10, and went for a leisurely boat ride. Then the guys went out for some late night fishing, while Debbie and I sipped on wine and listened to WJJY Saturday Night at the 80's. Could it get any better?

Their black lab mix, Kelly, came with and it was almost like having Jessie with us again. She's about the same age as Jessie was, about the same height and build as Jessie was, and even has a personality similar to what Jessie had. And, I caught myself more than once calling her by Jessie's name.

On our boat ride, we went through the bay where Mom and Dad's cabin was. We ended up selling the place to some neighbors across the road from them, and they had already torn the cabin down. It did make me sad when I actually saw that, although I knew that was their plan all along. I guess they ended up keeping the big round table to play poker on. At closing she said she was sorry that they were going to tear our mom and dad's place down, and I appreciated hearing that even though she really didn't have to say that to us.

In the end, I decided to remember it as the cute little red cabin they bought in the 1970's. Time moves on and you can't change that, but it's nice to have some good memories to hold on to.

There's still a little summer left to enjoy up north, although I have seen all the big black birds in the yards, and leaves are starting to turn. Oh, well.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Merry Martha(s)

Last night was the first official meeting of the Merry Martha(s) ... a new BOOK CLUB that happens to include a group of my most favorite people in the whole wide world from Senior Club ... Kat, Mona, Cathy ... and I think that we were all in agreement that the evening was a smashing success!

First book read and discussed was The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

I would like to clarify, though, that none of us were particularly interested in trying to sound pretentious. We're just not that kind of people, and since we know each other so well, it was a very comfortable evening where we could just relax and say whatever we felt like saying without worrying about trying to impress anyone.

Of course there was a lot of delicious food. We all brought appetizers, and since it was at Mona's, she also provided the dessert and adult beverages. Next meeting will be here, more about that later.

The conversation digressed once in awhile, but we were usually able to get back on track.

And, we pondered over what role we would be assigned to if we were living during the time of the book, or what role we could stomach if we even had a choice. It was pretty much unanimous that we might want to be a Martha, hence the idea of the name of our club.

Our next book will be Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Middle of July, and there has been time. Time to celebrate birthdays, time to hang with treasured friends, time to say goodbyes.

And after nine years at the Senior Club, it was time to move along.

They aren't kidding when they say that a job loss is a big deal!

I've had many emotions, up and down emotions, that I've had no idea of what to do with other than just let them come and go. Funny how that works, how the mind can switch off and on, leaving you feeling either hopeful or hopeless, depending on who knows what.

But, I've had time to think about it all. I know that I'm somebody that hates to leave. Maybe this isn't always a good thing, but it's a part of me. I hang on to my people and situations forever! And then when I must leave, it's a big deal to find understanding and acceptance.

Not sure of what the future will bring, but it will be okay. I have time to remember who I am and what I have to give to the world. Things will be fine.

In the meantime, I'll just tell myself that I'm on vacation.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

July Already

Well, that last month sure whipped by, and now Jake has moved to start his new job in Albuquerque. He jammed the CRV full of stuff and headed west on his own, stopping for a night in Guyman, Oklahoma along the way. The drive there was unremarkable, but then his car broke down after he arrived, needing a new radiator, etc, which ended up not being a cheap repair. I guess he had a pretty bad day, but I'm just grateful that the car didn't decide to break down on a dark, desert highway (cool wind in my hair).

It was so nice to have him home for the month, and we spent quite a bit of time celebrating with food, and playing new board games that made Bruce and I feel a little inadequate, but I won't use the word stupid. It was fun at any rate.

The house is now quiet again, and the weather has been steamy. We've been going on walks to Deephaven Beach, and then we sit for a bit just to listen to the sounds of little kids and chimes and waves lapping up against sail boats. I love it.

And, come August, Katie and Avi will be home for a visit ...