Friday, February 16, 2018

Anniversary Week

We celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day, but actually made a whole week of it. It went something like this ...

Saturday brought purple tulips.

Sunday brought chocolate dipped strawberries, homemade of course.

Monday we had a dinner of appetizers and champagne in front of the fire in our living room.

Tuesday, Bruce and I went out for an early dinner at Houlihans. I had steak!

Wednesday, we went to Como Zoo and Matt's Bar in South Minneapolis for Juicy Lucy's, YUM.

Thursday was Karaoke at the High Timber Lounge in Chanhassen. I still didn't have the courage to get up and sing, but it's now on my bucket list.

Friday, Jake came home for a visit after finishing up his work week of recruiting at St. Olaf and Carlton College. Yay for Jacob!

The zoo was wonderful. The weather was balmy and sunny, and we felt like we were on a tropical island as we walked through the Conservatory. It wasn't crowded, and there weren't many kids there, either, probably because they were busy having Valentine parties at  their schools. I need to remember Como Zoo in the future when I'm feeling like the winter is getting too long. You can't beat the price of free, and it really is a nice, little zoo.

I need to point out that Katie gave us a Bunny on a Ball statue to sit on the mantle, and it looks glorious there. She also gave a bunch of interesting cheese to Bruce, but we haven't eaten it all quite yet.

I like that most of our celebrating was home based, and included lots of time doing things together versus buying stuff. I read somewhere that the average cost of Valentines Day can be about $512!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wedding Things

Wedding preparation is moving along! Invitations are now out, and yesterday we met with the coordinator of the wedding venue. She told us that we were not behind at all, which was really good to hear. And, I'm grateful that there is someone like her, I even told her that as we were leaving. It's true, I am so grateful for any and all guidance we can get.

Meanwhile, our thirty-first wedding anniversary is coming up next week. You might think that we'd have some grandiose idea of how we could celebrate big, but I'm thinking that it could be fun to just go to the zoo and look at the animals. Maybe make a Valley of the Sea salad with heart shaped pasta and imitation crab delights. Oh, and Trader Joe's has two dozen tulips for $10.99! Maybe make some chocolate dipped strawberries. The possibilities are endless!

I also brought a wedding picture of Mom and Dad to the Care Center. They're going to have some sweetheart's shindig for Valentine's Day, and people will try to guess who's who in the photos.
Since Dad is now done with his last round of antibiotics for pneumonia, and seems to be feeling more energetic, maybe he'll feel like going. Or, maybe not. He doesn't usually like parties.

And then we'll be to the middle of February, and winter will soon be over. It's all good.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

This Week

We got a bunch of snow this week, about 9 inches. I'm not always such a fan of lots of snow and cold weather, but I will say that it really was quite beautiful. Usually Berry Lane is plowed out early in the morning after it snows like this, but for some reason they didn't get to it until afternoon. Of course, my Little Bug got stuck as we were driving to pick Mom up to see Dad, and it took Katie and me and some random woman walking down the road a bit of time to try and kick the snow away from the tires. After rocking the car back and forth awhile, we were able to be on our way!

With our winter weather, I've been wanting to stay inside and so I've been cooking more at home. I pulled out the family cookbook and have been re-remembering some favorites. I made some Tuna Broccoli Pie (recipe from Gwen) and Silver Turtles (using ground venison since we have a freezer full of venison to eat up). I also decided to add a few copies of the book to my Etsy shop and will post a link to it if anyone wants to see and/or buy. It really is a sweet, little cookbook but I could be biased. (See Simple Supper Cookbook)

There is now flu at the Care Center, and everybody is on Tamiflu. Dad is fighting something off and is so tired. Sometimes he doesn't seem to know us, which is sad and especially hard for Mom.  I remain grateful for all that they do for him there.

Creating some new corsages for Little Bohemian Heart and working on my Swedish Death Cleaning has also been helping me cope with the season, and of course a daily workout at my beloved Curves or a walk on the treadmill while watching Netflix helps, too.

Only 53 days of Winter left!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Mid January Already

We're in the dead of winter already, and I'm feeling a little restless. On the positive side of things, even though bitter cold outside, we've had some brilliant sun during most days and I've been taking advantage of the situation and getting out to run my errands during those times. It helps.

Avi went home to Israel, and Katie decided to stay here until the wedding in April. There's still a bunch to do with the planning, and it will be easier for her to take care of details while in the states. Selfishly, I am enjoying having her home. We had a Mama/Katie Day today, too, with lunch at Panera followed by a little browsing at Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods. Tonight we'll watch a horror film on Netflix while we sip on wine and nosh on cheese and grapes.

Speaking of Barnes and Noble, I picked up a new book to read, The Gentle Art Of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson. The title sounds morbid, but the book itself seems charming, and I think it will offer new insights as I continue on my journey to simplifying life ...

And speaking of death, one of Mom's beloved fur-babies, Peaches, passed away. She had cancer, poor little thing. Luckily, Mom still has Patches to sleep with and cuddle with on the couch. It made me think of Jessie Dog. Animals are so wonderful to have, but to lose them is so hard.

No flu at the Care Center yet!

I still need to take the tree down and put away Christmas decorations. Maybe this will be the week, but in the meantime I will just turn on the lights as Christmas trees really are a bit sad looking when the lights are off.

And as I reflect on the start of the New Year, I think this year should be a year of self initiative and courage. As Grandma Gloria used to say, I can do it myself. It never hurts to figure things out on your own, it's empowering.

Happy New Year!